Complex™ Pill box

59 Kč 99 Kčyou save 40 Kč

Are supplements your faithful companion and do you want a system and order in their use? A practical container with five separate compartments is the perfect solution for conveniently organizing your daily dose of supplements! Especially useful during travel – instead of 5 boxes, you only need one! In an ergonomic, matte black, minimalist design, the Complex™ PillBox ensures you won't forget any supplement!

  • Ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Sturdy plastic with a durable closure, ensuring supplements stay in place.
  • Suitable for anyone who regularly takes dietary supplements.
  • Free of endocrine disruptors - BPA and DEHP free.
  • High-quality and safe, non-toxic plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Europe.

Do you regularly take dietary supplements and want to have order and system in their use? The Complex™ PillBox is the ideal solution – both for home and travel! Don't hesitate and organize your supplementation today!

Complex™ Pill box
59 Kč99 Kč