Complex™ Shaker - 700ml

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The Complex™ Shaker represents the pinnacle of shakers thanks to the quality of its materials, ergonomic design, and innovative technology ensuring maximum solubility.

This 700 ml shaker is equipped with an innovative "circular technology", making protein mixing effortless without the need for mesh or wire balls. Say goodbye to lumps and uneven protein texture. Its smooth interior surface and rounded bottom always guarantee flawless mixing.

Complex™ Shaker - 700ml

The user-friendly design of the shaker allows for easy cleaning (both by hand and in the dishwasher), and it is also made from BPA-free materials (an endocrine disruptor). The entire manufacturing process takes place in the EU, ensuring the strictest quality standards are met.

Each component of the shaker is meticulously crafted to provide functionality, durability, and especially a tight seal to prevent any "accidents" (like spilled protein in your bag). The robust closure with an additional handle also ensures the shaker's durability in even the most demanding conditions.

    - Kapacita 700ml
    - 100% rozmíchání díky “kruhové technologii”
    - 100% těsnost
    - Snadné umívání, jak v ruce, tak v myčce
    - Bez obsahu BPA
    - Vyrobeno v EU
    - Recyklovatelný
    - Certifikace PZH a D2w

    Complex™ Shaker - 700ml